Who we’re looking for

Brightstars are daring do-ers. We think quickly, and we thrive on a fast pace. We take time for fun. We celebrate each other. And we give back.

Sound like you?

Good. Because that’s what it takes to achieve our purpose—to simplify the wireless world, making mobile technology accessible to everyone.

Are you a Brightstar?

At Brightstar, we handle every stage of a mobile device’s lifecycle for our customers—from the moment it’s manufactured to trade in and re-sale, and everything in between.

This industry moves fast. But so do we. What’s innovative today might become outdated tomorrow, so we have to be able to see the big picture and sweat the small details. Doing that successfully takes trust, teamwork and a knack for making the complicated simple.

We’re looking for creative, quick and relentless talent to join the team. Are you one of us?